The War for the Throne engulfed all of Eastmore after King Thorne's untimely death. That was twelve long years ago. Now barbaric slave traders lurk in every shadow, seeking and selling the finest specimens. Devious merchants with fine weaponry and rare items travel through the remains of the kingdom, looting what's left to sell to the highest bidder.

Nonetheless, the remaining Great Lords remain undeterred, seeking to eliminate one another and conquer all of Eastmore. The war has driven all the lords to destitution, ruling over cities with nothing more than a few copper pieces, beggars and guards.

Your Father was one of these lords before they found a dagger in his chest. Now it is up to you avenge him. Can you build a formidable army to eliminate all other lords? Do you have what it takes to be king? Prove yourself, in the Warring Kingdom.

Warring Kingdom Gladiator

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Thank you for your interest in Warring Kingdom! After a successful Kickstarter, we are in the process of manufacturing and delivering the first batch of the game. You can order your game on BackerKit right now. We will always host the black and white prototype of the game on this site for all the gamers out there!

Enjoy, and good luck!
Warring Kingdom Team

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Print and Play Instructions:

This is a 2-4 player game with risk management, combat and deck building elements. For the full game, please print FOUR copies of the attached card sheets. You may also want to print a copy of the rules for your reference. You need at least 10 six-sided dice for the combat portion of the game.

I strongly recommend that you print on 110 lb cardstock, since you will be doing a lot of shuffling throughout the game. Thinner material would not shuffle well. Alternatively, sleeve the cards.

Black and white game is freely available here; you can also purchase high resolution full color PnP for $15 via Paypal. Email us at warringkingdom@gmail.com.